Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Nothing worth watching on TV, again...

Last night the BBC showed a programe about Georgian and Victorian civic buildings.
(available on iplayer until 20 September)

It was a DISGRACE!!!!!!

At no point in a programme about Georgian and Victorian buildings did it bang on for hours, with no effect at all, about the buildings put up in Liverpool in the last ten years. Can you believe it?!?!?

It didn't slag anyone from Liverpool City Council off, didn't slag anyone from Liverpool Museums off, and worst of all, I wasn't in it!!!!!

They just asked people who actually know about Liverpool's historic buildings to talk about them in calm, measured tones. It's no wonder it was rubbish, they had some posh lad from the World Monuments Fund presenting it and we all know they're part of the Heritage Mafia. And one of the so-called experts was blind!!! How can he know anything???

They just showed historic buildings that got saved from the bulldozer, or were never under threat in the first place, and didn't once mention how it was me that saved them all and restored them single-handed. Although if I'd been around in the 1840s I'd have stopped them being built in the first place.

In other news, I got mentioned in Building Design last week, but just a quote off the prestigious message board that anyone can use, talking about the Carbuncle Cup (yawn). Even then I wasn't given my full title, Wayne C O'Loon, Chairman, Liverpool Preservation Trust., Just Wayne C O'Loon. I hope they haven't rumbled me too ...