Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Nothing worth watching on TV, again...

Last night the BBC showed a programe about Georgian and Victorian civic buildings.
(available on iplayer until 20 September)

It was a DISGRACE!!!!!!

At no point in a programme about Georgian and Victorian buildings did it bang on for hours, with no effect at all, about the buildings put up in Liverpool in the last ten years. Can you believe it?!?!?

It didn't slag anyone from Liverpool City Council off, didn't slag anyone from Liverpool Museums off, and worst of all, I wasn't in it!!!!!

They just asked people who actually know about Liverpool's historic buildings to talk about them in calm, measured tones. It's no wonder it was rubbish, they had some posh lad from the World Monuments Fund presenting it and we all know they're part of the Heritage Mafia. And one of the so-called experts was blind!!! How can he know anything???

They just showed historic buildings that got saved from the bulldozer, or were never under threat in the first place, and didn't once mention how it was me that saved them all and restored them single-handed. Although if I'd been around in the 1840s I'd have stopped them being built in the first place.

In other news, I got mentioned in Building Design last week, but just a quote off the prestigious message board that anyone can use, talking about the Carbuncle Cup (yawn). Even then I wasn't given my full title, Wayne C O'Loon, Chairman, Liverpool Preservation Trust., Just Wayne C O'Loon. I hope they haven't rumbled me too ...

Friday, 7 May 2010

It wasn't Liverpool's greatest Edwardian church...

... but it was good of its type and date. It's gone to landfill this month anyway

Of course, it also wasn't anywhere near my shop, and it was being championed by the Heritage Mafia


Planning specialist Jonathan Brown from Merseyside Civic Society [remember them? - I refer you to my earlier posts about heritage collaborators] said:

"This church was the work of a man associated with some of Liverpool's finest mercantile buildings, and dedicated to the owner and editors of our great city newspapers, the Post and Echo. If English Heritage accept James Doyle is 'regionally important', from what is after all World city, why isn't that of 'national interest', the criteria for listing? Would the same be true if the connection was with famous buildings and newspapers in London? Of course not - these are simply double-standards. It's one rule for Bootle and another for Bromley."

So the LPT did nothing about it - except slagging off the people who brought it to a wider audience. How great are we?

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A blast from the past.

As far back as 2008, people had me rumbled:


You have cited the ‘Liverpool Preservation Trust’, approvingly. This is an organisation that appears to be un-registered with the Charities Commission, to have no constitution, one ‘trustee’ (or ‘chairman’) and no members. I understand the sole ‘trustee’ parted ways with the Merseyside Civic Society because of his idiosyncratic views about the future of the city. The ‘trust’ is always happy to provide personal opinions; it is for others to decide how representative they are in reporting them and the credibility it imparts on the reporter in doing so.

Needless to say, Charles Korsham was quick to my defence.
Other names to watch include David Swift, Dr Anthony Small and Simon Taylor, all of whom mysteriously appear, in similar tones, when anyone dares to pay any attention to the man behind the curtain.

Jim Warren of the often very effective Bath Heritage Watchdog (which, while it doesn't yet have a constitution does have a polite, informative and open website http://www.bathheritagewatchdog.org/index.html with all the relevant information about membership etc), on the other hand, is real.

Dale Street Disaster

From the other LPT blog. One or two facts, and possibilities, have been omitted from the original post, because I always assume the worst of people, thinking they must be like me. Here my repentant self redresses the balance:

“In the World Heritage Site. This piece of, Liverpool Georgiana has laid empty for decades falling down slowly. It is right in front of Municipal Buildings where all the councillors go in and out of. Where Colin "Cover Up" Hilton works. Ignored by many . It has recently been listed, by the city council with the full weight of Mastermind, Bernie Turner the joke of a Historic Buildings Champion for English Heretics who replaced Doreen Jones, yes you heard it right, the Dame of Disaster. For what reason you may ask was it listed? Maybe this was to divert attention in 2008 from the impending doom that was awaiting its fate, to pull the wool over the eyes of Unesco and the huge publicity that was attacking Liverpools lack of respect for its culture”

No, actually, it was listed by central government on the advice of English Heritage after Liverpool City Council (not, you may note, the Liverpool Preservation Trust, whose “Chairman" had been practically on site for five years at least, during the “decades that it has been falling down slowly” and done precisely nothing) put it forward, perhaps with a hope that, being listed, they might be able to bring its status to bear in discussions about its future.

And the reasons for listing are very clearly given in the list description (which I’ve obviously read, as I quote from it in the other blog), nothing about pulling the wool over UNESCO’s eyes:

REASONS FOR DESIGNATION DECISION: Nos.87-95 Dale Street/2 Cheapside are listed at Grade II for the following principal reasons:

* The terrace is an unusual survival of the shop house, a building type that is nationally rare, especially outside of London, and shows the development of new forms of retail premises in late Georgian England
* The original floor plans of the properties remain intact with some internal features, and are unusual for the location of stairs and the size of shop space
* As pre-1840 survivals the buildings possess intrinsic interest as examples of Georgian terraced houses, with the added interest of their plan form
* The terrace has group value with other nearby listed buildings in the Dale Street/Cheapside area, such as the Bridewell and Municipal Offices. Together these buildings epitomise the changes in the physical fabric of the city during the C18 and C19, and represent the city's changing wealth and development as an international port city.

“The property, directly across from the council’s municipal buildings, is Grade II-listed.After several plans to bring the building back into use failed, the building was left empty and concealed in part with colourful hoardings.
But engineers have now found the building to have rapidly deteriorated.
They will now remove the roof of the building in the hope of relieving the strain and preventing collapse.
A city council spokesman said: “A number of options are being considered about the future of the building, including discussing with prospective partners to find a long term solution.””

Oh, whatever next? Don’t discuss future uses, just save it now. Needless to say, I have no ideas how to do that, but I’ll just have a rant instead.

“The Georgian building, from 1819, was included in the Castle Street Conservation Area in 1976. It was listed in February 2008.
Since it became vacant the council and a developer planned to renovate it as part of a scheme which would include the magistrates’ court and the bridewell jail behind it.
But delays in relocating the courts, coupled with the impact of the recession, put paid to the plans.
So it is going the same way that Jamaica House went and to become a hole in the facade of a WHS. , another Georgian Terrace destroyed by stealth.”

No, destroyed – if indeed it has been - by the Court Service's inaction (look at what happened in Derby, Nottingham and Sheffield), the fact of global recession and its late-in-the-day listing, only two years ago, when it was already very, very derelict. If only I’d been concerned about it enough, a few years ago, to write polite letters to those who, unlike the LPT, might have done something before it was too late. But no, as usual I was massaging my ego instead.

If the LPT was a real Building Preservation Trust of the sort Quentin Hughes envisaged, we might even have taken it on to restore and sell on. But I’m too busy ranting to do that.

Meanwhile, I recommend HeritageWorks, who are going about it the hard way, and getting results:

Friday, 30 April 2010

Me Mam Always Said...

"If you can't take it, don't dish it out".

She usually said it when I was puking up the seventh pan of scouse*, but she might have meant something else.

Of course, I would never dream of slagging off a real, hard-working organisation or individual.

But then - I don't have to dream about doing it because the other Liverpool Preservation Trust blog doesn't have a problem with name-calling, playground insults, bully-boy tactics, threats of violence, half-truths, downright lies and wild jumping to conclusions, so I can do all that over there to my heart's content (taking advantage of Blogger's refusal to get involved with parody or satire of individuals -except when it's me), leaving this sister blog free for admiration from all my devotees.

The thing is, when you've made as many friends as I have over the years, you can never be sure which of them might be engaging in a bit of leg-pulling banter. I'm sure that's how they take it from me (at least, I hope it is, because a bit of legal scrutiny of the Liverpool Preservation Trust's mandate and methods might open a can of worms [a bit like the ones above])

But you know what I really hate? it's people who take my words and just report them straight out, showing me up as an idiot. One day, I'll have a blog that isn't the other LPT one, full of my ignorance and stupidity and beyond parody, then I'll show them.

Mam also used to say "Temper, temper!" but I'd stopped listening to her by then, because I knew I was right.

*of course, real scouse doesn't come in a tin, and vegetable scouse is blind scouse, but rest assured - this cheap knock-off substitute knows it when I see it...

Monday, 26 April 2010

Wayne's World

Another busy day in the shop, what with a customer turning up looking for a little teapot short and stout, so I had to let Charles comment over on the other Liverpool Preservation Trust blog (thanks for the link, Charles!), lashing out at the blameless for setting this one up. Then there was a rather good article in the Daily Post which cried out for a balanced response


As the Post won't let me "post" there any more, and since Charles is having a lie down after being rumbled, I had to let my other imaginary friend, "Tourman", out of his kennel. But hey, you can tell who was telling him what to write, and guiding his fingers over the keyboard...

And if you have a look at a few of Tourman's other contributions to Daily Post stories, you'll get an idea of the broad-minded company I keep.

Tourman wrote:
It is nothing less than criminal that these three monstrosities have ruined one of the finest views in Liverpool. The people involved and in particular Doreen Jones, who should never have been on the planning committee, must be held responsible and questions must be asked as to their motives when there are so many other available sites. It must also be asked as to why the land was sold so cheaply and the to what extent those involved benefited. I would demolish these eye sores I feel that strongly and if it can be proved that the construction of these buildings was done illegally those people involved should be prosecuted for corruption in a public office.
26/4/2010 7:42 AM BST on liverpooldailypost.co.uk

cedar9 wrote:
Actually you can still see the three graces from the Albert Dock very clearly, lets not live in the past, lets preserve our heritage whilst at the same time keeping progression in mind, lets think forwards not backwards. I dont mind the black buildings and I think the new museum is an amazing feat of modern architecture. You've also got to remember they aren't finished yet, ;ets see what all you lot will be saying in a few years time :)
26/4/2010 4:19 PM BST on liverpooldailypost.co.uk

Tourman wrote:
cedar9 are you by any chance an Architect or what I term "an interested party" as you appear to be at odds with the rest of the comments.
26/4/2010 5:45 PM BST on liverpooldailypost.co.uk


Tourman wrote:
We are in danger of becoming a nation of miseries. These emails do the rounds and are funny. Most people just laugh and do not take offence, as for jokes about Muslims, the more the merrier, it could make them more acceptable to the majority of the British public.15/4/2010 8:24 AM BST on liverpooldailypost.co.uk


Tourman wrote:
I agree with Mr Grayling, if it is your own home you should be able to choose who you want to stay under your roof. I know of a couple who run a bed and breakfast who do not accept bookings from people with scouse accents, because of trouble in the past. Chris Grayling was expressing an opinion, an opinion that a large number of Christians agree with. The Labour government has forced too many laws on us that many are not happy with, this is one of those laws.
5/4/2010 10:42 AM BST on liverpooldailypost.co.uk

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Charley Says...

I am sometimes asked by the millions of loving readers of the other LPT blog, “Wayne, who is Charles, who follows you around the internet, defending you so fiercely and echoing your opinions with such uncanny similarity?”

Well, usually I tell people that they are obviously mad and in league with developers, the city council and the heritage mafia if they dare to doubt me, but here is the truth: Charles and I have known each other for many, many years.

You might be able to tell - from our shared mastery of the English language, tactful debating skills, and refusal to indulge in mud-slinging, name-calling and the other childishnesses that characterise everyone else - that we were in the same school, but in fact we were also in the same class, and sat at the same desk. We also wore the same clothes, because Charles is my imaginary friend. I turn to him whenever people are foolish enough to criticise or question me, and sure enough, within minutes he has logged onto the internet and put the doubters to shame.

Sometimes I let him out on his own, especially when something has been published in a newspaper or on a website that for some reason has stopped allowing me to contribute. He is very useful in giving my amazing egocentric rants the veneer of authenticity, though fortunately nobody (yet) has bothered to check the address he writes his letters from, as they might find that he shares with some interesting characters.

So to salute this noble individual, here are some of Charles Korsham’s greatest hits:

Charles Korsham 27 July, 2007
Well Mr Skemptons got a little bee under his bottom I think. Mr Skempton is one of those new age Liverpudlians who have decsended upon the city to take part in its regeneration of late, who say Liverpool people are its best asset then ignore them, being eployed to drive through developers schemes. This is financialy a job for him where as us the people that live here want to be proud of our city and leave the same proudness for our children. He says that before describing Peel or Grosvener as meglomaniacs, Mr Colquhoun should examine his own motives. I was present when Mr Skempton was employed by Grosvener to speak at a planning committeee meeting in favour of the Cesar Pelli building which has destroyed Chavasse park creating one of the worst blends of new and old that is imaginable in modern day Liverpool. This being in the world heritage buffer zone and 30 yards from the Pier Head the cental core of the world heritage site. This is to create a block of yet more empty apartments on a park which was named after Captain Noel Chavasse VC and bar one of the most heroic people of the 20th century. Is this what he calls blending old and new by bright new proposals, well if so you can keep your bright new proposals. Mr Skempton argued on behalf of Grosvener that 17 storeys of modern constuction of boring and bland desighn on Chavasse park would be better than 12 which was the original masterplan. This of course makes more money for them. The beautiful view of the Pier head you feature in your pictures sums it all up stretched across those historic world heritage views are to be 3 monstrous black granite nightmares and a museum of Liverpol life that ICOMOS say is out of keeping for a world heritage site. Is this what he means by best of both worlds well if so he is in another universe to people who I speak to. When Liverpol people as Mr Skempton says are our best asset start to be allowed tohave thier say we the people will get a level playing field because we have got nothing financialy to gain but everything aestheticly to lose.

Charles Korsham 20 March, 2008
The picture above shows a pair of properties which have been on the councils at risk register for 6 years, yes 6 years. From the above picture it does not really show that this is directly in front of Liverpools municipal buildings where the council leader and the chief exectives for the past 10 years have watched it decay on thier way to work. The next block down we have just lost an equivelent destroyed Georgian property chainballed by a "cosy" council developer in the world heritage site. Round the corner in no 6 Sir Thomas street another facade was wrecked by Iliad another "cosy" developer ahead of an english heritage inspectors visit right in front of the council leaders office. I quote " I wondered what they were doing" what a mess. We have lost 40 listed buildings in Liverpool in the last 10 years. This current council have destroyed the world heritage site. I agree this is like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. European capital of culture or European capital of property developing vultures you decide. Charles Korsham

Charles Korsham 9 April, 2010
I dont think WH is reading the story correct. BD do not have a problem with contemporary architecture as I dont. It is bad architecture I have a problem with. I was in Liverpools World Heritage Site at the exact view that the picture shows yesterday and it is far worse than the artists impressions in reality... there is a massive ROME MAXXI looking museum in the only gap shown in the artists impression. Artists impressions are meant to persuade the public it would be a good idea, so imagine just how bad it looks. Unesco should hang their heads in shame for allowing English Heritage to get away with this as government advisors. Born in Liverpool I feel abused by the architectural trash that the planning authority have allowed to be built on my beloved and Iconic waterfront. It is a case of the Emperor is wearing no clothes. Bad architecture is bad..... no matter how much you try to defend it you cant. THIS IS VANDALISM and the Government publication serves to rub salt into the wounds to what is now an ugly scar. Charles Korsham

Charles Korsham 11:37 16.05.08
I make a prediction that this monstrous mess created by Grosvenor on Chavasse park, which is part of the world heritge site buffer zone, is going to win outright this year's BD carbuncle cup. They promiused us world class architecture, a Cesar Pelli, and have delivered us a Caesar Salad, a monumental mess that Grosvenor should be ashamed of and I have to live with the utter embarrasment of it for the rest of my life. Ugg boots to Ugg architecture. Charles Korsham

Charles Korsham 11:24 03.10.08
That is an interesting picture above taken from within the Liverpool 1 "Grosvenor-pool". What it does not show is the relationship that the Pelli Clark Pelli construction affords to the world heritage site. It evaporates it to a level of architecture that does not look at ease with the iconic and world famous three graces in fact it destroys the harmony. This is the world heritage buffer zone imagine the outrage if they built this next to the Sphinx. Is Liverpool not aware of its prestigious title of Mercantile and Maritime city. How they were allowed to do this by English Heritage is beyond me especially as the masterplan stated that a 12 storey building was to be built here and they built 17. On the site of Chavasse park now 30 foot in the air to accomodate a money spinning car park was one of the most hated buildings of Liverpool Steers House. If any-one had of asked me they would build something worse than that prefabricated 6 storey building I would not have believed it. It has been done. And its 12 storeys higher and when you stroll through the Albert dock there it is popping its ugly mundane head up like a chimney. This park is now a quarter of its former land mass and has been grabbed from the site of the original Steers dock one of the first dock systems in the world. "The Pool" at the heart of this once proud citys heritage and the site of the now long gone Customs house demolished to give people employment after the second world war. Why does this city allow such boring and bland architecture to destroy its world heritage. No amount of hype is going to convince me anything other than this is architectural disaster. Charles Korsham

Here's a really good one from the Liverpool Echo, in which Charles recommends the excellent Christmas decorations which happen to be in the same arcade as my shop. I don't sell "classy Xmas cards" I'm afraid, but thanks for the thought, Charles!
Charles Korsham, L18
IT is so wonderful to see the owners of one of our finest pieces of architectural heritage, India buildings, putting up such a wonderful display for Xmas.
Five 10ft Xmas trees all beautifully decorated and trailing through the middle of the long arcade is even more glorious than last year.
It is a pleasure just to walk through the sumptuous Holts arcade with its barrel-vaulted ceiling and its travertine marble at the best of times but it now feels like it is lifted right from a classy Xmas card.
If all owners of our heritage were as proud as those at India Buildings and decorated their buildings half as well, we would all have a merry Christmas.

Byline: Charles Korsham
I READ with disgust the back-handed stab at Wayne Colquhoun (ECHO, Sept 13).
At least he stands up to be counted and puts in the time and effort re quired to bring results.
I was at the planning meeting of December 20 where he eloquently outlined to the planning committee the full guidelines of the inscription of Liverpool Mercantile and Maritime city to the World Heritage listing.
To satisfy the inscription we as a city gave legally binding undertakings and he warned all present what would happen if we broke their rules.
All those rules have been broken with current proposals and pending applications, which is why Unesco has condemned the current set proposals for our, the people's, Pier Head.
If we did not have people like him who firstly understood what a World Heritage site is and how to uphold its principles, this city would be much poorer and I for one applaud his stealth and determined effort along with all those dedicated to the same cause at the Liverpool Preservation Trust to stop the ruination of the waterfront.
Charles Korsham, L18

Friday, 23 April 2010

'Tis a tale told by an idiot - full of sound and fury, and signifying nothing

Quentin Hughes was a remarkable man. An ex-SAS officer and repeatedly-escaping Prisoner of War who resumed his training as an architect after 1945, he had had erudition, wit and charm in spades. He understood that his passion for conservation was not enough and that by using that wit and charm he could schmooze his way to the heart of power in post-War Liverpool, where his passion could get a look in among the drive to modernise, where he could warn of the dangers of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

His book, Seaport, is the best architectural biography of any British city, and his calm, level, elegant prose opened eyes throughout the city to its gems when it was first published in 1964. Quentin went on to be Chairman of the Merseyside Civic Society, not only a bunch of NIMBY preservationists, but people who wanted to take a full and holistic view of what Liverpool and the wider region needed. His many achievements won him admiration and many friends in the wider world of architectural conservation. In 1993, the Merseyside Civic Society paid homage to him by reprinting Seaport.

Not long after he died in May 2004, five months before parts of Liverpool were inscribed on the World Heritage Sites list, http://whc.unesco.org/en/decisions/132 he appeared to me in my imagination and told me that I was his heir and successor. “Wayne,” I thought he said, “only you have the ability to realise that charm, politely but strongly expressed views, and an understanding of necessary compromise are what is needed to ensure that Liverpool’s special character is preserved in an intelligent way in the time to come.”

Since that entirely imaginary encounter, I have proved his faith in me, by my enormous achievements in preventing anything I don’t like, such as the Mann Island scheme and the new museum, which have, as anyone can see, not been built, (except in fact) - since I shouted louder than anyone else. If only the rest of the Heritage Mafia had been as good as me.

As you can see from the post to the other LPT blog, reproduced below, I have inherited his tact, elegance and ability to work well with everyone who has an interest in getting the best for Liverpool.

Obviously it took a while to get the LPT off the ground – I had to decide that 1 was the perfect number of members, for example – but by calling myself its Chairman I was able, a mere two years after Quentin’s death, to get my opinions, which are the only ones worth listening to, published in the local paper. Because of a difficulty with the wiring, the Liverpool Preservation Trust could only establish an online presence with its blog (until now, the only public evidence of its existence) in 2009. But hey, I was pissing all over Quentin’s legacy, so five years was only a short time to wait.

As Stephen Bayley recalled in Quentin’s obituary in The Guardian:
“I well remember Quentin telling a shocked member of the Bundeswehr while visiting some fortifications in W├╝rzburg that he so enjoyed his experience of the Gestapo because they were such gentlemen.”

But Wayne Collude? Never. Wayne Colloon for ever. Just to prove it, here I am not colluding with the evil Quisling monsters of the Merseyside Civic Society. As you can see very clearly, I am in every way Quentin’s erudite and genial sucessor (read to the bottom for some more reflection):

Friday, 23 April 2010
The Merseyside Civic Society-Heritage Collaborators.
The LPT was formed by Professor Quentin Hughes and myself after long deep conversations into the impending gloom that was to befall the WHS
[even though it hadn't been declared before he died, see above]. Quentin who wrote Seaport and LIVERPOOL City of Architecture was more than qualified to meet with the UNESCO officials on their visit to decide whether to award World Heritage Site Status to Liverpool in 2004. He had asked me, as their Chairman to join the Merseyside Civic Society but I had refused. I was asked to give a talk to the MCS council in February 06 [not by Quentin, obviously, who was nearly two years dead by then] after kicking up a fuss about the then proposed museum in the local and national press. Even the Times were writing about it. And more was to come. The lottery funding would be refused for the interior fit –out, (which they have now spent) because as all there was to look at for the fit out was some sketches on the back of a ciggy packet.
I did my talk in the offices of Edmund Kirkby here in India Buildings who gave the offices for free. Edmund Kirkby are surveyors with lots of clients and conflicts of interests in the city but I presume it was with good intentions that they laid on the tea and coffee. It was a good turn out I was told, 15 or 20 of them. I thought to myself there was a definite pull in the room as I tried to persuade them that the museum disaster was funded by the then proposed Three Grotesques at Mann Island. Quentin had not long passed away
[well, two years isn't a long time, is it?] and the current Chairman was and still is Dr Peter Brown was even arguing against me. He would later show his true colours [by arguing against me even more - oh, the cheek of it!]. One of the members was an archaeologist working for the museums who would go on later to do the dig on Manchester Docks [proving that they weren't reliable, I mean - an archaeologist doing a dig? Jeez!].
There was a trustee of NML present if I am not mistaken was the Earl of Derby, and the vice chair of MCS was also the chairman of the Friends of Liverpool Museums. Andrew Pearce a worry constantly going on about the museum arranging wine and cheese presentations on it, promoting it
[Oh no! someone promoting a museum? what pit of Hell have we descended into here?]. He was commended by David “Fuzzy Felt” Fleming in a yearly review. He and the friends were later binned by him as being an extremists. With a few stalwarts in the room such as Pat Moran who is always honest if not a little loud [pot, kettle, but Pat Moran has shut up now] and Tony Moscardini, I did the best to explain what World Heritage meant as quite a few of them, who had bothered to turn up seemed to be lacking in what it meant to have such an accolade [as indeed do I, but it doesn't stop me]. I gave all my best in a frantic exchange at times, thought I had pulled some in. Dr Knobolis, who teaches at Liverpool Uni. (well some Greek sounding name [ooops! bit racist there, still, all those foreigners who helped make Liverpool what it was in the glory days probably had funy names too, like, erm, Colquhoun]) Who I later found is a property owner of two apartments in the “Plassy Flats” the saddest block of flats at Kings Dock, asked if I would like to become a council member. I was cheered and seconded in, and there began part of the most frustrating relationship I have ever had.
I was keen; I even gave up my busy lunchtime for meetings. At great financial cost. I would watch as the most foolish things were discussed while world heritage disaster had started. Occasionally people such as Hilary Burridge who I would find out has quite close connections to her low-ness the Dame of Dereliction Louise Ellman. Burridge would turn the meeting into a Tesco bash….a nimby
[you see, it takes one to know one]. Tony Moscardini always seemed to get it spot on. Patrick Moran used to get annoyed, he stormed out once in anger, only to have to come back 10 minutes later because he had forgotten his shopping [not like me at all, I just left my shopping when I did the big flounce]. A Grosvenor mole Trevor Skempton turned up at the planning meeting for One Park Worst on behalf of Grosvenor. Now call me old fashioned but is this the reason he was there [well, yes, obviously it was, the idea that a developer might have a meeting with a local interst group is, however, absurd. Clearly the only thing to do in such circumstances is to refuse to have anything to do with them, then whinge about not being involved after it's been built]. He would want to talk and he would spend a lot of time trying to discuss how great Grosvenor were. Even when Private Eyes, Piloti give it a bashing, he was there to defend it even writing in to BD [Hellfire, a developer's representative defending their scheme - I bet Quentin never had to deal with that]. Writing in about the LPT’s warnings proclaiming the need to blend the old with the new…Yeah, as if we don’t know this. The MCS even put it on the website [because, obviously, if you put something on your website, it means you support it, not that you want it to get a wider audience and a full set of views] A delegation including Peter Brown, Charles Hubbard of Edmund Kirby were allowed 10 minutes with the Unesco mission whitewash in October 06 as I had persuaded some to get on board, well those that turned up, some meetings had as little as three people, its hardly a gathering [though one person is definitely a Trust, provided it's me and mine]. One MCS council member said to me he couldn’t argue with the planners because he has to work with them.
Its called Lying Down to be Counted.
Peter Brown who teaches at a Liverpool University stitched us up with a consultaion evening there presented by Neptune Developments
[Oooh! a consultation evening! much better not have one]. One of Neptune’s whose directors trained at the Liverpool Uni and so did the architect of disaster Matt Brookes [because we would prefer architects who had no connection with Liverpool to be involved. Liverpool Uni didn't get its reputation as one of the world's great schools of architecture by letting its graduates actually build stuff in the city, except for India Buildings, obviously - and all the other buildings they built before I was born and which are therefore great].
Neptune donated the model to the University
[such bribery! such scandal!]. Oh and Brian “Mad Hatter” Hatton an educated idiot who couldn’t put a shelf up who also teaches there lined us up on the developers behalf. He would later edit an Architectural Review Jan 08 entitled Liverpool Work in progress and he never upset a developer or architect once. Remember how it was all going to be Iconic. Pulling them all in to help the decimation of WHS, in fact promoting it. It’s funny reading that now. Anyhow it wasn’t long I was thinking this Brigade are like the Vichy Government, Collaborators with the establishment who are in fact the enemy, on the wrong track, they represent vested interests.
I resigned and renamed them the Merseyside Inert Society
[I couldnt think of anything beginning with "C" for the middle word] they are worse than the developers in my opinion. Only, in my opinion, they are not that inert when they are helping their friends. They all turned up for the wine and cheese evenings that were frequently arranged as smoothers [just like Quentin did, only he never lost his temper in the first five minutes and ended up ignored as a nutter]. They actively tried to get one laid on from Peel Holdings who refused [result! a developer refusing to talk to a concerned local group - that's what we want! that's the way forward!]. Peter Brown became entertainments organiser...yes. Gave an evening for Henry Owen John to give a talk who was lambasted by some of the more brave.
Peter Brown was mates with John Hinchliffe.
I said to him stop writing letters Dear John these people are getting away with it and you are letting them. Or Dear Nigel to Nigel Lee the Chief Planning disaster.
Now I am not saying anything illegal has taken place, other than.
[other than what? oops, guess I said too much] They have been a shadow of themselves, they were indeed Civic under Quentin’s chairmanship.
They had a civic duty.
There is an old saying for evil to succeed it takes good men to do nothing the Merseyside Civic Society, what a waste of a good name.
I would prefer to be in the resistance than side with the collaborators, I hope they can all sleep at night.


(While I remember, it turns out I WAS on the council of the Merseyside Civic Society but as they were not willing to do exactly what I said, teddy left the pram and I rightly went my own way, with such subsequent success
d) WC argued strongly against the acceptability of the museum building and even more strongly against the Mann Island scheme. Differing views were expressed about the virtues or otherwise of the schemes themselves and how far an extremely restrictive policy to development in the WHC area and its buffer zone is either desirable or should be pursued as vigorously as some have advocated.
e) PB suggested that there should an agreement to disagree on some of the issues raised. He noted that the process of delivering development is complex, involving much negotiation etc and that a certain amount of change is inevitable. When development does take place, it is important to strive to protect an area’s character and to ensure that only the highest standards of design are employed.)

(Oh, incidentally, Liverpool Preservation Trust still hasn’t achieved anything)

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Like a Mighty Army, Moves the Church of Wayne

Well, having upset and fallen out with everyone in the conservation world, the LPT has to go its own way, secure in the knowledge that we are right, and EVERYONE else is wrong. Here is the full might of the Liverpool Preservation Trust (not the ould bint on the right, who thought we were doing a sponsored Cilla-thon) at a mass rally against something or other. Note our very professional placards, which did so much to prevent whatever it was I was protesting against, but which has since been built because the forces of the Heritage Mafia don't understand Liverpool and how important I am.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Wayne Says...

"'I am now more convinced than ever that the Heritage Mafia need their Zimmer frames taking away from them and their computers locked down....They, the heritage mafia, leave anonymous comments all over the place think they are being antagonistic...but really serve to take the argument away from real issues such as world heritage destruction and make it all the clearer that this is the reason why we are in so much trouble in Liverpool are the heritage pensioners who just talk amongst themselves....and stay anonymous so their wine and cheese evenenings wont get interupted.'

Here I am, enjoying a cheese and wine "evenening" laid on by SAVE Britain's Heritage, the Capo di Tutti Capi of the Heritage Mafia. The pensioner giving me his autograph is their Head Honcho, Marcus Binney, of whom I later wrote:

'Marcus Binney applauding the new Grosvenor-pool/paradise project has not judged it at all well but I suppose he had to be kind somewhere.
My own opinion is he must have come here on a sunny day and put on a pair of Rose tinted spectacles specifically for his review. They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot is how many of the natives see the new shopping centre, now the hype has settled down.'

Worth remembering that it was SAVE and the rest of the Heritage Mafia who stopped the demolition of the Lyceum more than thirty years ago, when I was just growing too big for my boots.
Meanwhile, The Liverpool Preservation Trust has achieved nothing.