Friday, 7 May 2010

It wasn't Liverpool's greatest Edwardian church...

... but it was good of its type and date. It's gone to landfill this month anyway
Of course, it also wasn't anywhere near my shop, and it was being championed by the Heritage Mafia

Planning specialist Jonathan Brown from Merseyside Civic Society [remember them? - I refer you to my earlier posts about heritage collaborators] said:

"This church was the work of a man associated with some of Liverpool's finest mercantile buildings, and dedicated to the owner and editors of our great city newspapers, the Post and Echo. If English Heritage accept James Doyle is 'regionally important', from what is after all World city, why isn't that of 'national interest', the criteria for listing? Would the same be true if the connection was with famous buildings and newspapers in London? Of course not - these are simply double-standards. It's one rule for Bootle and another for Bromley."

So the LPT did nothing about it - except slagging off the people who brought it to a wider audience. How great are we?

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