Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Oh dear...

The backlash has begun..

"Honest John Motors" said on the Independent site:

Wayne Colquhoun (O'Loon as he's known locally) is a bitter, twisted anti-development extremist who lives in a fantasy world where everything built after 1900 is rubbish and
Liverpool is perfect like Florence. He does not represent
the opininon
of Liverpool people who know we need jobs more than anything and that
the historic north docks will continue to rot if we don't develop them.
He has no real alternative plan. As a rampant egotist he seeks only to
derail and attack and lives to be quoted by naive national journalists.
His Trust doesn't even exist as a Trust, it's just him and about three
friends. He's such an extremist the local Civic Society will have
nothing to do with him. Independentdent, don't give him a platform! Ask
people on the street in Liverpool what they think of the Liverpool
Waters plan. New and old buildings can exist together in harmony.

"Chas" on Sevenstreets said:

Liverpool preservation trust, HELLO Wyane is that you all on your lonesome my god man how do become a trust all by yourself. we are a growing dynamic city not an antiques shop get it.

"kj" said:

me, and many others like me are sick of cranks like Wayne O'loon determined to drag our city back into the dark ages. Since when has margy Clarke been an arbiter of taste? The trouble is people who like these buildings are usually too busy getting on with there lives to post in things like this, so bitter old weirdos like Wayne dominant the debate.

"Ellis" said:

Liverpoolpreservationtrust, you really are a boring troll.

There's extremes to everything, you're a little left or right of centre and everything is okay, you hit either end of the horseshoe and you're just another blinkered idiot.

You're just as bad as those who want to knock down everything and turn the space into ugly new-builds. I'm admittedly not a fan of Mann Island (I am of the new museum though) but hell you hate everything!

(I've a horrid feeling that's my ex-friend, Ellis Woodman, who used to publish anything I said to Building Design magazine...)

How dare they!!!
I'll have you know I have my own footnote on page 22 of the UNESCO report (which finds little wrong, but doesn't like Liverpool Waters - who does?), where I'm "WC = Wayne Colquhoun". How apt.

Florence Gersten was there at the 30 minute meeting I had with them, she was credited as representing "Save Our City", which unlike the LPT, really does exist.

Sadly there wasn't time for UNESCO to mention the Liverpool Preservation Trust, or all my hard work in flying to Paris and storming into their meeting room to tell them to hot-foot it up to Liverpool and save the city from survival. Ooops, sorry, from staying alive.

I'm now reduced (since the local papers have rumbled me) to waiting to be asked by the likes of the world-renowned "Liverpool Confidential to supply rentaquotes to the masses (all of whom are far thicker than me).

Oh, I'm so important, despite being so wrong...

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